About Us

Welcome to Do You Tenerife – Your Personal Window to the Beauty and Diversity of Tenerife

Our Passion for the Island of Tenerife

Our journey began with a deep passion for the unique island of Tenerife. This passion drove us to provide people from around the world with the opportunity to experience this fascinating island in all its glory.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create unforgettable travel experiences. We understand that every traveler has unique needs and dreams. Therefore, we are committed to offering a wide range of accommodations and services tailored to this diversity. Our goal is to make your stay in Tenerife as memorable as possible.

What Sets Us Apart

Local Expertise: Our team consists of locals and long-time island enthusiasts who know Tenerife like the back of their hand. We are eager to share our insider tips and local knowledge with you.

Diverse Accommodations: From studios to family apartments, in relaxing settings to central locations in the heart of Las Américas, we offer a wide range of accommodations for every taste and budget.

Customer-Focused Service: Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 during your stay to assist you.

Sustainable Tourism: We are committed to sustainable tourism and strive to minimize the environmental impact of our activities.

Your Adventure Begins Here

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday, exciting outdoor activities, or cultural experiences, Tenerife has something for everyone. We warmly invite you to explore our website and plan your next dream vacation in Tenerife.

Thank you for choosing Do You Tenerife as your travel companion. We look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful island and creating lifelong memories together.

Why Stay in the South of Tenerife?

All our apartments are located in the south of Tenerife. Why exactly there?

Almost every guest wants to simply relax by the pool or enjoy the sun at the nearby beach during their holiday. The south of the island offers pleasant warmth year-round. It boasts the most sunshine hours and very little rain.

While the north is wonderful and highly recommended – especially for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers – we always suggest renting a car for adventurous souls to explore the entire island.











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